Saturday, 11 April 2015

Lessons About IMVU - For Newbies And Not Only

It is recommended to buy IMVU cards from the stores near you, sometimes you can get other gifts to when you are adding money to your account using card codes. If you are not a hater try to add constantly new friends to your list, there is a chance to send to you various types of gifts, even some that may be normally expensive. Of course, adding people day by day can get you some haters which may send you hard words instead of gifts, the best you can do is to ignore their words and block them as well.

Lesson on how to have a better avatar

Imvu is about everything, it's about fashion, always analyze other avatars of well-known users and try to understand what makes an avatar to be a good avatar. You have to do this step as better as you can.

Other important Lessons

Never take serious what haters may say, they are the real noobs, everyone of us is different, just
because they don't resonate with your style this means nothing, maybe they are the actual noobs and they should be the ones to be criticized, most of the times this is perfectly true. Being the one that is ignoring such behavior is the proof that you are at least one stair better than they are. If in your real life you are not a social person, on IMVU you can be whatever you want, don't let others destroy you fun. This is all about IMVU, to have a great time and to break away from the daily boring routine into your fantasy world.