Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Are you a new player on IMVU? - Don't miss these tips

imvu new player

Imvu is a world not only for fantasists, but also is a world of creators and entrepreneurs who like to create their own homepage, and to make money on their own by selling their creations and products.

Things to avoid in IMVU

One of the most annoying things that you can do is to ask all sorts of stupid questions, more than this asking them using 100 exclamations mark. If you get an answer to stupid questions like this, don't take it to serious because is not from a serious person. People like to see educated people with common sense and good writing skills, not all kind of noobs which don't know how to spell "spell".

Never ever use the default picture that IMVU gives you on registration. This is the like saying to others that you are not in this game for what it really offers. You have to make a great avatar, don't keep an eye on your credits, you have to make it good on this one. Everybody likes to see variety, using just the banal picture that imvu is giving to you will not take you too far, whatever are your social skills.