Thursday, 9 April 2015

Welcome To My Area - The IMVU Area

Welcome, welcome. This is my first post and I want to make as better as I can, I previously tried this technique the blogging technique, but I had to stopped it because of various things that took place in my life. I want to make it better this time and to keep updating this journal.
What I am planning to deliver?

Recently I started to play IMVU. Not just playing it, but trying to make it as good as I can in making money out of IMVU.

How to make money on IMVU?

I want to deliver exclusive methods and tutorials on how to make money on IMVU. The simple question would be... Create products, sell them to IMVU users for credits, sell credits to resellers for real money. A lot of individuals are actually paying bills via IMVU
reseller program, and others are having a good living just creating a particular category of products.

How they do it?

The reason I created this imvu area journal is to answer this question. How to make real money on IMVU, for me is a challenge that have to take "in custody". I think is a great approach, not only because you are making cash, but also, knowing that your creation is used and a lot of people is seeing and glorify what you created from nothing, is one of the things that convince me that this is a good deal.

Why to make a journal about this?

I am sure that there are people on IMVU which have exctly the same desire as I have, creating a comunity here and sharing my experience with others it has a "rocket" effect on me to make me want more and to do better. Maybe we will be able to share our experience to one another for a greater rate of success. I mean.. not sharing our created products, but to share the knowledge in creating them as better as we can. I want to do this no matter what. I think is a great thing to do. I like IMVU since 2007, but now it's time to IMVU like us back.

Keep an eye for this blog, I will post periodically  what I learned and I hope you will also share your experience in the comment section and to reply your thoughts about all this idea. I will do my best not to disapoint you! Bookmark this blog and you will not regret it.