This is the kind of personal blog where I want to make it to stand out of the crowd by sharing and posting things that are usually marked as private. Why I am doing this? If I share what I already know, automatically I will want more to learn more and more until I find myself one step further.

The are in which I am focusing and improving my skills right now are in the virtual and great world of IMVU. I am a passionate player most of the time, but I have periods when you can call myself a casual player. I like a lot to make money online, and IMVU is one of those uncharted fields where money can be earned.

I want to make it clear that I'm not promising hard money for you if you are reading my posts based on my experience. There is no way in making money easy, any field and no matter how you make your planning, money are hard to earn. Even a thief had to risk and learn and learn again until he is able to make real money.

Before I will make a post I will do some research on google about my idea and if was published before. As I searched now the only valuable place for IMVU is the official forum. Anyway, there is not enough info about what I am planning to do here. I want to make this space as underground as I can, I like the idea of a small and well established community which can make a difference.