Sunday, 19 April 2015

IMVU Tutorial - Want To Be A Greater Player ?

This is what we think you should do to be a better IMVUer:

If you are a newcomer, do not spend your credits on all kinds of stuff. We recommend to focus on a particular category. Even earlier than that, first thing to do with your credits make your avatar, spend all the time you need on this step, the avatar is the most important thing in IMVU.

For the new registered members, don't forget to verify your account, check the spam folder also, you will get as many as 2000 credits. One thing that most of the newcomers neglect is to cancel the starter tour, which adds even more credits to your account if you go through it, you will also be more enlightened about the world of IMVU, the tutorial is a must with or without the credits.

Want to be better on IMVU ?

A fishy way to make more credits and maybe I shouldn't share this here, but I will anyway. You can use a public IP to create one more account and earn credits and to send the credits to the other account. Do this on your own risk, we do not take responsibility if you get you account suspended. Try to use private proxies if you have one or two. For the sake of sharing, you can message me in the contact form and I promise to deliver a good private proxy to create your account with.