Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Some IMVU Smallish Mistakes

That Damn’ Button

We like the world of IMVU. We are enjoying it so much that we are not aware of the other things that are a little wrong or could be done better. The first thing we noticed and may be noticed by most of IMVU-ers is about a button that a lot of us pressed by mistake oftentimes. It's about the button that is so wrong placed, once pressed it may delete one of your friends. Sometimes it may be very frustrating and annoying. If you just have a little mouse error or something, boom, the friend is gone and you have to find new ways to add the person again. This should be fixed if a confirmation screen would appear after the button is pressed.

Room Search Glitch

Other little error would be the problem of room searching. For example if I am searching for gay rooms, (I am not a gay) I may get a room with the title "No gays allowed", which it is not cool at all. A solution has to be found to remove this searching glitch.
Sometimes, after I am visiting a random room and I leave it for whatever reason and after that I am reminding of that room and that it was kind of cool, but I could not find it anymore, I forget what was its name or something like that, maybe I was drunk or high :D and I do not remember too much about it. Personally, I would copy what youtube is using for its videos. What I mean is how each video could be added as a "Favorite" or even to create specific names for different categories of our music. The same thing should be with the rooms from IMVU. It would be a great innovative implementation that will change a lot the look and style of the world of IMVU and will be a big plus in maintaining the game on top of things.